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Die Springs

In applications where space is limited and particularly where solid height is restricted, springs designed from rectangular wire are often used. These springs are commonly referred to as die springs.

Die springs store more energy in a smaller space than equivalent round-wire springs. Even though stress distribution around the rectangular cross section is not as uniform as the round wire section, the energy storage capacity is higher because more material can be incorporated into the allocated space.

Precision Die Springs

Diamond Wire Springs' Precision Die Springs are manufactured at our Southwest Plant in Tyler, TX. The Texas facility has the most modern die springs production equipment available. Manufactured from rectangular shaped wire, Diamond Wire Springs' Die Springs meet stringent quality standards throughout production from start to finish.

ASTM A 231 & ASTM A 401 Die Springs

All parts are made of alloy spring steel. Either chrome vanadium (ASTM A 231) or chrome silicon (ASTM A 401). All parts are painted white with ends dipped for color coding. All springs are right hand wound and tolerances are held closely to various sizes according to outside diameter and free length.

Our die springs are shipped from Texas to our Pittsburgh Catalog Division, where they are inventoried for direct customer shipment. When you order from Diamond, you are buying direct from the manufacturer, and you benefit from our extremely competitive price structure – the best value available in the marketplace.

Your Custom Die Spring Supplier

Diamond Wire Springs is ready to supply you with a custom order should your needs go beyond standard stock specifications. We regularly design and manufacture to customer specifications.

Our engineers and production staffs in Pittsburgh, PA and Tyler, TX are ready to meet all your needs for stock and custom die springs.

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